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Why Become a Certified Paverpol Instructor?

When students sign up for a class or workshop taught by a Certified Paverpol Instructor (CPI), they can be sure that they are getting quality instruction. Our CPIs provide the additional benefits of expanded training and creative projects developed by the worldwide Paverpol team.
At Paverpol USA, we believe in promoting our CPIs as professional artists, not just as Paverpol teachers or sales persons. We feature their work in our national advertising, in juried art shows that we organize and sponsor, in magazines, in major trade show displays and our own brochures.
You can use your creative energy to build a business doing what you love! Our certification program affords many benefits to those who would like to be part of our growing team of professional instructors. Benefits include product discounts, product and project previews, exclusive workshops and continuing education opportunities. Our new website will include a listing of all of our CPIs (Certified Paverpol Instructors) to help your students find you.

Paverpol USA has developed a unique Mentoring Program especially for our CPIs. These workshops are taught by talented professionals and art materials experts. Here they learn to incorporate Paverpol fabric hardener into many different mediums and disciplines including Paverpol sculpture, home décor, crafts, and much more. Our Mentors help the CPIs expand their knowledge and skill base in art forms such as mixed media, metal sculpture, needle felting, gourd art, mold making and casting, carving and more. We believe that this helps our instructors broaden their own base for teaching classes and workshops. We have a deep pool of talent to support our instructors and help them advance in their art. 
Once a year, Paverpol USA hosts the PaverParty, a weekend of educational and social events solely for our CPIs.For more information about becoming a Certified Paverpol Instructor, please contact Christa at
Professional Paverpol Trainers are available around the country for those looking to become CPIs. In addition, they give single day project workshops. 
Christa Light, PPT, Sr. Trainer 
Baltimore, MD 
Christa is the co-owner and Creative Director of Paverpol USA, Inc. She was trained in Holland by Jossy de Roode. After spending 20 years heading her own graphic design studio, she found Paverpol and made the leap to 3D. Many of her works are geared toward narrative and redemption art, and her classes also include whimsical recycled projects. 

A desire to coax out those who cautiously approach working in 3D inspired Christa to bring Paverpol to the USA to help such hesitants free their creative spirits. She and Sandy partnered together to form Little & Light. Christa is the Coordinator of our CPI Program. Her work also appears in the gallery and throughout the website. Contact her by email at

Sandy Little, PPT
Skillman, NJ

From her early work in-studio for well-known artists to her years of experience at Sculpture House, Sandy has built a strong base of knowledge and skill. Her students appreciate her patient instruction and her attention to detail gives them insight into creating a well-finished piece of art. Sandy imparts her extensive knowledge of technique and materials into true mixed media works. Sandy is co-owner of Paverpol USA, and is excited about developing Little & Light, the "art materials toy store" division, which is progress.

Sandy can be contacted at You can view some of her work in our photo gallery.

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Lennie Adams, PPT
Centralia, Washington

You may have seen Lennie teaching at one of the Art and Soul events. She is a popular instructor who develops a true affinity with those in her classes. Lennie likes to impart a sense of joy to her students by encouraging their inner talents to shine outward. She is a gatherer by nature and takes genuine pleasure in teaching how to make something out of "nothing"... wire, foil, tape, recycled clothing, found materials or bits of nature. 

Lennie's workshops are like an open forum for creative minds. She often becomes one of her own students by taking random ideas that pop up in class and running with them. You can contact Lennie at