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    Fabrics and Papers from Paverpol
  • Pavercotton

    100% warm white cotton threads, used for figurine hair, texture in mixed media and molding into decorative container shapes. Easy to color with Paverpol, paint or fabric dye.

  • Paverpol Relief Decoration

    This paper is actually dried and bleached mulberry bark. Has a wonderful web-by feel. Use in its natural warm white, or dye, paint or harden with Paverpol. Can be used to dress figurines, to add texture to surfaces, and molded into decorative designs. Approximately 30 x 50 cm

  • Paverpol Stockinette

    This stretchy-knitted fabric is 100% cotton. Use it for draping, wrapping, adding texture and more. Ecru color readily accepts Paverpol, paint and fabric dye. Bagged in approximately 1 meter length, which doubles when stretched.

  • Paverpol Wrappers

    Soft, wispy squares of viscose. Use as a basis for Paverplast and Art Stone figures. Also for draping, texture on surfaces and fairy wings. Natural white, but can be painted, hardened with Paverpol or dyed.