Paverpol USA is the exclusive importer and professional trainer for Paverpol, the leading textile hardener/fiber sculpting medium in the world and first to be awarded the AP seal for non-toxic by the Arts and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI). It was created by a group of Dutch artists in the early 1990s as a user and environmentally-friendly alternative to resin. It is now the largest-selling brand inthe world- used for art, crafts or traditional paverpol sculpture by artists and crafters in more than 20 countries!
Paverpol fabric hardener adds a whole new dimension to the way artists work by providing a new essential for their toolboxes! This one-step water-based creme gives sculptors, dollmakers, mixed media artists, painters, interior and exterior designers, theatre set crews, quilters and fabric artists a serious new medium to expand their scope of work, either indoors or outside. 

Paverpol can be used with fabric, paper, paper mache, silk, metal, air-dry clay, chamois leather, baked polymer clay, plaster, concrete, pottery, stone and more. And unlike most other hardeners, Paverpol will not deteriorate polystyrene foam. 
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Recycle old clothing, bottles, cans, wood, dried botanicals, metals, broken pottery and much more! Paverpol binds these items together to make one piece of recycled art! Because it is non-toxic, soap and water cleanup and easy to use, Paverpol is found in many schools and camps. (Schools, art educators and camps--- ask about our special programs!)

Paverpol also offers a proprietary line of additives to expand its versatility. High quality dry pigments, special-effect powders, project books and dvd, varnishes, wire armatures, and unique fabrics provide almost limitless choices for customizing projects. 

Project workshops and training programs are available through Paverpol USA and its team of Certified Paverpol Instructors (CPI). These classes are the best way to get started using Paverpol. They teach tips and tricks that have been developed by the CPIs. Individual workshops, or classes for your group are available throughout the USA. For a list of workshops and/or to find a CPI, visit our workshops and training page, or email
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Paverpol... the new essential for every artist's toolbox!
In this class, you will create a sitting figure of your own design for your home or garden. Let your creative spirit soar with new techniques and materials that will expand your abilities in 3D art! Using all non-toxic materials and common household items, you will learn how to create a human form by fleshing out a wire armature and sculpting with aluminum foil. Once your form is complete, you will wrap in saturated cloth to cover, and use more saturated fabric to create dramatic drapes or the illusion of gentle motion. When you are happy with your pose and draping, you will embellish and customize your figure to make your own interpretation of “A Touch of Cape Cod.” 
Cost: $79 pp & $15 materials fee

To register for this class, visit 
and follow the link. Registration closes when class is full.

“A Touch of Cape Cod”
Gus Canty Center, 790 Main Street, 
Falmouth, MA
Saturday, September 27, 2014
10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Anita Texeira,
Certified Paverpol Instructor