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Hello Paverpol USA Friends!
After more than 13 years, we have decided to make some pretty big changes.

We are closing Paverpol USA by the end of 2018. It's been a great run, we've had fun and met some wonderful people in exciting places!

Sandy and I are branching off into a new course that has really been a dream of ours for many years.

Our new venture will be called
Mixed Media Mania!

After discussing our ideas with other liquid polymer artists, we saw the need and had the desire to take a different approach. We really felt that there was a better way to expand the potential of this wonderful medium. By gathering artists together who use liquid polymer in many different ways and with many different products, it even surprised us how much room there was for growth in this community. 

We have joined forces with Powertex because of their excellent quality, vast line of compatible products, dependability and a very creative atmosphere! However, none of our projects or members will be brand-specific. So there's a place for you no matter what brand of hardener you use. We'll keep in touch... we hope you will too!

Please check out our online store here to take advantage of a great closeout sale... just in time to finish those Christmas gifts and stock up for the winter!